Sunday, January 27, 2008

Current State of Malware Analysis

The pauldotcom podcast from January 24, 2008 had a technical discussion on Advanced Malware Analysis and the new SANS Security 610 course. Security 610 is a four day course: the first two days are revised from the original Security 601 REM course, and two new days (also listed as Security 602). Day three's material is entirely on code analysis and is written by Mike Murr. I had the pleasure of contributing to Day four along with Lenny Zeltser, Pedro Bueno, and Bojan Zdrnja. My material was on Malware Self-Defenses and defeating those defenses. Day four also includes some in-depth Virtualization detection and Web-based malware.

Although I wasn't able to join in on the podcast, I've listened to it today and can say it is representative of Malware, Malware Analysis, and of course the new Security 610.

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