Sunday, August 03, 2008

More work on watermarking and stego

Trying to finish up some work on my defcon presentation has been difficult this week.

After a huge catastrophic infrastructure outage at my biggest client took most of my time this week, one of my longest-term clients had an obnoxious virus infection. This particular one was odd, I had to smile when it faked a bluescreen to try and get you to reboot. At least it was a good refreshing for the malware course I'm teaching in Boston during the last day of defcon. I'm bummed I miss some of my friends talks, but we've got work to do.

Also looking forward to teaching SANS Security 560, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking in Boulder, CO. This one has unadvertised extra bootcamp sessions (even though this course already has three times the hands-on as Security 504). It will be a blast.

Well, back to pollishing up some video stego stuff for Friday's talk.

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