Thursday, May 15, 2008

Le'go My Stego

Times are busy, tomorrow is the fun Day 6 in San Diego, where I've been teaching SANS Security 504 all week. About 60 of us will be hacking away at our Capture the Flag game--it will be a fun end to a solid 8 days of SANS. Then Saturday, I'll be presenting in ChicagoCon some newer Steganography work (some slides posted at I'll miss most of ChicagoCon, which I'm still bummed about, but at least I fly in around noon so I'll be around to see a few folks before the end of the Con.

From Chicago, I'll be flying down to SANS Security 504 again.

The future is looking pretty interesting, I'm glad I'm finally getting a little bit of time to work on projects (most of my Stego preso has been bumping around in my head for almost two years). Will stay heavily involved with SANS still, Looking forward to actually teaching locally (semi-locally, it's in Costa Mesa, CA so I get to stay home for once).