Monday, June 02, 2008

Penetration Testing Summit

So I've been sitting in on the SANS Penetration Testing Summit. It's been great to sponge up creative new ways to leverage technology. Some of the stuff isn't entirely new, just new ways to leverage tools you may have already used. It's been great hearing thoughts from other penetration testing folks that confirm my own beliefs and techniques. HD's and Valsmith were great to listen to, in class and after. I really hope SANS or at least _somebody_ maintains this sort of penetration summit--I think a lot of interesting things are happening here. The other great thing here is the vendors. For some reason, they really seem to be in tune with what we really need from them.

In other news, my late submittal for Defcon \x0F's CFP was accepted, so now I guess I really need to finish my StegoFS project. I am thinking now--I should just toss what I have been working on and hack through GmailFS to have it use Stego'd files on myspace/youtube/whatever.