Friday, September 18, 2009

NetWars Round 3 Oct 10-Oct 18 2009

Busy rebuilding the targets for the next round of NetWars, October 10-18, 2009. You can sign up at

Adding a ton of rich content--websites, streaming audio, etc. The NetWars network will be taken down (has been up for practice) while we rebuild everything. Also, if you have some licenses or hardware you'd like to let the project use, please send an email to with "SPONSOR" in the subject. There are a ton of things brewing; I hope it comes together soon.

I'm a little bummed I'm building it instead of playing the game . . .


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

NetWars Round 2.0 Final Scores

Finally finished adjusting the scores after bonus and team breakdowns, here are the top 20 (well, 21 since the 20th slot was a tie):

SevenM7: 3809
frankred: 3794
tfgnetwars: 1337
funky4strngz: 1337
chrisbdaemon: 1337
cet: 1337
tcp_duece: 495
jgimer: 392
xeno280: 360
ace1: 207
allanak: 126
dr29: 107
deLusion: 89
cygnul: 75
codemasta: 61
punisher: 41
Level: 37
innrwrld: 15
KillerCube: 13
w153man: 11
user296: 11

Stay tuned for more info on the next round (2nd week of October). Mad props to Attack Research for helping keep the in-game peace vigilante style, and technically won most points as a team (but since we're not playing on teams, this is the official score).